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The PEZ and Managing People

A friend and I were talking about a meeting I had this week. And my story-telling caused my friend to make a unique contribution to management theory…

For those not familiar with “The PEZ” it was originally an Austrian candy, but I grew up with it in the States where it was a hit. The method of dispensing rectangular candy was part of the enjoyment and has now become a collector’s item.

PEZ Candy - Disney style

PEZ Candy - Disney style

So, I’m having this meeting with a person and it soon becomes a one-way discussion. Complicating matters a bit is that this individual is one of the senior guys and we’re having a chat about things in my area. Trying to get in a word edgewise is a bit difficult because this person has some strong views on things and sometimes doesn’t listen very well (charitably, it could be that he has such firm view on things that he believes he’s correct and that standing firm is the way to get things moving forward). But being this is my area we’re talking about, I’m forced to speak out…but it proves a bit difficult until I just let him speak…and speak…and speak some more.

After what seems like eternity, I get a chance to lay out my views and ideas because it seems that well, like a PEZ candy, after the last one pops out, that’s it, you need to refill and that’s the chance to jump on!

Do you work with people who are like the PEZ candy dispenser? Once they’re out of candy (i.e stop talking), it’s easier for you to get on with the agenda/discussion/meeting? My feeling is that once you figure out that the person you’re dealing with has a PEZ management style, you need to brace yourself for long lasting meetings and several rounds to get to the point. It’s a bit like boxing hmmm….

  1. August 1, 2008 at 8:01 AM

    Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

  2. Lui Sieh
    August 1, 2008 at 3:05 PM

    Hi Sue,

    Thanks for reading and appreciate you dropping by. I checked out your own site and liked the Open Door Policy post – it’s a fine balance to know when it’s too much to have, the open door. But in general, I think it’s better to have more people lining up than not as it possibly shows the extended influence one has – a sure sign of leadership.


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