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Ten Principles of Leadership « Sith Sigma

A great short-primer of both the what and the how to leaderhip and management.  These nuggets of wisdom particularly relevant in today’s difficult economic and corporate environments.  The rubber meets the road here.

While there are many such ‘top 10 lists’ I like this more because they mention a few things that while seemingly common sensical are so very not in most organizations I know.  Key areas that separates this ‘top 10 list’ from the others is:

1. Acknowledging that teamwork is one of the keys – training your people as a team.

2. Keeping your people informed – we all pay lip service to communication and communicating better but the bottom line is you need to communicate something useful – that’s what this point is about

3. Be technically proficient – how many managers and want-to-be leaders who don’t have a clue of what they are doing and what their people are doing?  An army … too many General Custers in the management ranks.  Sorry but I don’t want to be flying off the cliff.

Good luck out there!

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