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My blog stats – Interesting data

Fascinating – I’d never have thought that of my top posts, “About the 白眉 Guy” would garner top hits with “(Successful) IT People Characteristics” nearly surpassing it.

When I first started this blog, it wasn’t about me, but about my mindless mental musings. But in fact, not many people care as much as I thought! Maybe I didn’t get it.

The other interesting data is collected by the cool ClustrMaps widget and looking at the red dots expand across the globe and some dots expanding in differents continents. How some places have managed to find my blog, I’m piqued.

Thank you dear readers from wherever you are.

Top Posts

About the 白眉 Guy 689 views
(Successful) IT People Characteristics 688 views
Walt Disney & CMU: Mickey meets Tartan Mascot 144 views
Meaningful Messages 99 views
Simple Change Management Lessons: What we can learn from the US Olympic Basketball Team 83 views
MBWA + MBE = KISS Management[tm] 59 views
Building an IT Team: What are the IT Competencies? 55 views
The PEZ and Managing People 52 views

Current Country Totals
From 17 Aug 2008 to 23 Apr 2009
Top 10:

United States (US) 1,226
United Kingdom (GB) 157
Brazil (BR) 142
Canada (CA) 109
Hong Kong (HK) 63
Italy (IT) 55
Australia (AU) 51
Germany (DE) 45
India (IN) 39
France (FR) 34

Second 10
Mexico (MX) 28
Malaysia (MY) 22
Turkey (TR) 22
Netherlands (NL) 20
Singapore (SG) 16
Spain (ES) 14
Poland (PL) 13
United Arab Emirates (AE) 12
Argentina (AR) 12
Portugal (PT) 11

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