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May 1st – Labor Day

A day of relevance during these tumultuous times. Many people greatly worry about their families, meeting obligations, and just wanting to have fair pay for their labor. In many parts of the world like here Labor Day is a major holiday.

Let us not forget the hard work that we all put in — good, bad, small, large, meaningful (or not) that should be recognized in some form for another. I’d like to put a quick plug in for remembering the wisdom from Bob Sutton’s: The No Asshole Rule as well as the hard workers out there. As one of my colleagues reminded me this wisdom – 80% or so of our (company’s) workforce is responsible for 100% of our business performance and rewards (FSI excepted from this comment). What have we done for those 80% lately?

Some Google News about May 1 Labor Day

The No Asshole Rule

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