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Mad Manager Disease – Slow Leadership Blog

Is there still time to reverse a global pandemic—more contagious than swine flu, more deadly than Ebola—that has brought economies to their knees?

A classic blogging from Slow Leadership – Mad Manager Disease that is an absolute must read about this very question.

The hysteria surrounding H1N1 swine flu has concealed the growth of a much more deadly pandemic; one that has been circling the world for a number of years and shows, as yet, no sign of decreasing in intensity. I refer, of course, to Mad Manager Disease (MMD)—a virulent infection of the brain that warps reasoning, undermines balance, destroys judgment and reduces those suffering from it to helpless dependency on mind-altering drugs like bonuses and stock options.

Read it and protect yourself! You have been forewarned!

Quarantine - Disease Zone!

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