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CGEIT: Enhancing IT Governance and IT Management

May 9, 2009 6 comments

IT Governance, IT Standards and the like are really arcane topics – even for those who are responsible for IT management. When thinking about IT Standards and Governance we get a seemingly endless list spread all over creation … and so I gave up trying. I wonder is this why non-IT guys are completely baffled by what it is that we do? Just googling about it overwhelmed me and I’m supposed to be doing this in my day job! Egads!

I made a 2009 New Year’s resolution to become more knowledgeable and educated about IT (also, have to give credit to Nicolas Carr’s provocative book, Does IT Matter?, to know more). Just as one could take the PMP or CAPM certification to start-off one’s Project Management learning journey, I decided to look into ISACA’s CGEIT Certification. Huh? If I weren’t a ISACA member, I wouldn’t have a clue about this.

The body of knowledge is daunting* … and I’m wondering whether or not this is total overkill. Academically, might be nice but practically speaking, how much of this can we really utilize?

Anyways, my expectation is that at the 20,000ft level, this knowledge can provide some framework or guidance for general IT management. In my limited experience, IT management key areas to get up and running fast operationally are:
1. Information enablers
2. Technology enablers
3. Other stuff –

  • Risk and Audit Compliance
  • Records Management
  • Business Continuity Plannning
  • Outsourcing Strategy / Vendor Management
  • People Management – Leadership and Management development

Works pretty well if following the 80-20 rule, but still there are important gaps hence…. CGEIT.

Here are some on-line IT governance resources for the curious IT manager: Standards for IT Standards, IT Governance – A One-Stop Shop for IT Governance, and IT Governance Institute.

Let me warn you though…red pill or blue pill?

* IT Governance Domains Practices and Competencies—Five volume series published by the IT Governance Institute that addresses IT governance practices. And additional 17(!!!) recommended readings.

  • IT Governance Domains Practices and Competencies: IT Alignment – Who Is in Charge?—Explains why IT alignment is important and discusses various means to achieve alignment, such as the IT strategy committee, IT steering committee and IT investment committee.
  • IT Governance Domains Practices and Competencies: Optimizing Value Creation from IT Investments—Focuses on a frequently raised issue in most organizations, the challenge of achieving adequate returns on IT investment.
  • IT Governance Domains Practices and Competencies: Measuring and Demonstrating the Value of IT—Focuses on performance measurement issues.
  • IT Governance Domains Practices and Competencies: Information Risks—Whose Business Are They?—Focuses on information risk management.
  • IT Governance Domains Practices and Competencies: Governance of Outsourcing—Focuses on outsourcing IT activities.
  • COBIT®4.1
  • IT Governance Implementation Guide: Using COBIT and Val IT, 2nd Edition
  • Enterprise Value: Governance of IT Investments: The Val IT Framework
  • Governance of the Extended Enterprise: Bridging Business & IT Strategies
  • Frameworks for IT Management
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