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Departmental / Functional theme songs

A few years back as I was getting to understand more about my company’s culture, some colleagues and team members got together in a karaoke place in Taiwan. Here we sang, drank and chatted up about our personal views of our current work place etc. These sorts of outings are awesome for team building because (a) it’s in a social, neutral setting, (b) we can be open and honest with each other (we’re probably drunk or getting there anyways), and (c) we get to know each other better – warts and all. By now, I had already formed certain strong beliefs of what I thought each of the departments/functions stood for as well as what each of the major departmental heads represented in their role.

So during this setting where we were getting pretty warm and fuzzy minded, here’s what we came up with. Please share your thoughts in the poll afterwards! 🙂





IT gets 2 songs (maybe 3)l, one main and the second one due to the fact that many corporations split up IT into 2 different functions – artificial Demand IT and Supply IT distinctions that create needless rifts in the IT service management life cycle, IMO.

Due to the nature of Finance’s scope & portfolio, they have 3 themes. Check out this reference about it and why (better yet, see it!). FINANCE:

If you feel that I should include a function left out above, please drop me a note. There’s probably one or two that I know of that probably should be in there but not enough practical exposure to quite give them their own “theme song”.

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