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Conversation comments around the WWW

I do my best to keep up with some of the interesting discussions threads over at LinkedIn because of the quality of answers and also the caliber of the posters. A couple of good ones came up which I’d like to share.

First subject is about the “First 100 days” for the CIO (from the CIO Forum) which is great not only for the 100 days but as a continuous cycle yearly review when one is doing the IT strategy.

Michelle Garvey, Global CIO for Warnaco, referencing Gartner’s report (which I couldn’t successfully google for) writes:

1. Understand your team: interview direct reports and the key level or two down from there, understand their relationships to each other, how they are perceived, strengths/weaknesses, priorities… form an opinion on their value and fit and start to develop a view of the current organizational chart appropriateness
2. Understand your users: have formal meetings with all senior executives and the key IT users down a level or two. What are their key business objectives and priorities, what are their frustrations with IT historically, what do they think of the team…
3. understand your system inventory: what do you own, are there stability/quality/issues, are the licenses current, are the versions supported…
4. read the current audit reports, understand what issues are being called out by IA
5. what are the projects in progress – what were the business cases behind them, what are the schedules, are they on track, are they in trouble, are they the right things….
6. understand your budget: where are you in the year relative to plan, are you under or over spent,
7. if management has brought in outside consultants to evaluate IT or has received proposals on specific projects from outside firms, read those and meet with the consultants you find intrigueing
8. identify the quick deliverable you can do to solidify the perception of your value add and ability to drive positive change, and get it done.
9. roll all the above into a documented assessment/strategy/plan

This is KISS in action. Throw in some of the principles from Michael Watkin’s book and you’ve got all the bases covered. See this article from CIO Australia for another good approach to the question. All of this of course is meant to answer the bigger relevance question.

The other interesting thread from the same Forum titled “Do you need to cut cost, improve operational capability or reduce head count?” by Shaun Taylor will likely get some interesting comments. Check it out HERE. For a different look at the same question, check out Chris Curran’s post, “A CIO Can’t Do More with Less“.

Another CIO blogger I discovered from Facebook NetworkedBlogs is Andrew Blumenthal. Check out his “Executives, One Foot In and One Foot Out” post from The Total CIO. Good stuff.

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