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Corporate Social Responsibility – HK Society of the Blind

CSR programs that large corporations actively promote are one of the few bright areas in which one can do actual good – for society, for deserving and less fortunate people, and for the individuals who break from mundane and mind-numbing office work. In the past I’ve participated in my green efforts, tree-planting, and other environmental reclamation programs. This time was a bit different and dare say more meaningful.

My company over the past several years have worked together with the HK Society of the Blind and their great people. A few weeks ago we sponsored graduates of their programs HP mini computers to use and which were equipped with visually impaired computer tools. So on Aug 22nd, a few of my young(er) IT helpdesk guys with other company employees trooped over there for the afternoon to learn more about the visually impaired and helped them with their new computers. These computers are one of the main tools for them to connect with the rest of the world and enjoy its benefits.

I was paired with a nice gentleman named Henry, who had become blind much later in life. According to him, he now only has about 5% sight – meaning he can sense light and thus have some depth perception. This is highly important in the world of the visually impaired – some light sense and perception is very meaningful. He spent quite a number of years overseas in Canada, growing up there and going to school around the Toronto Area. Interestingly, I found out from Henry that there is a universal “language” that we can communicate with them when we interact/walk with them. I also learned that there are generally 5 “types” of blindness. Having dim sum together with the whole group of about 15+ was too short.

Over the next couple of hours we worked with our students and each other to “show” them how to work their new computers. It’s hard to really write how great the experience was with them. Everyone there was just so grateful and energized that we were there with them. And the feeling was mutual and personally was heart-warmed to see my young guys really getting into helping them. The HKSB is a worthy NGO that has very ambitious plans and programs to help the visually-impaired people they serve and have a complete and full life that we with full vision have.

I hope that we can continue to keep up with the program and perhaps expand our types of donations – retiring or decommissoned IT equipment that still have use left.

Below are the people that helped make it happen:

Back L-R: Vivian Au, Emily Chan, Kitty S.M. Chung, Me, Mike Mak, Deanna Cheung; Front L-R: Martin Tang, Ben CY Lee

Back L-R: Vivian Au, Emily Chan, Kitty S.M. Chung, Me, Mike Mak, Deanna Cheung; Front L-R: Martin Tang, Ben CY Lee

Give liberally – they are a wonderful service organization that make meaningful improvements in people’s lives. Kitty is a Director of the Rehabilitation Division. Emily is one of the managers there who works with their clients on a day-to-day basis to make their lives complete.

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  1. September 14, 2009 at 3:57 AM

    Working with organizations like this one really does allow us to give back and also to appreciate and understand other “cultures”. The ability to do something in such a short time that makes a significant impact on the life of someone is an amazing feeling. I continue to work with non-profits and find something unique and energizing about each of them. Great work! -Don

  2. September 27, 2009 at 10:53 AM

    I want to draw attention to today’s article about Technology and Blindness.

    The project, involving patients in the United States, Mexico and Europe, is part of a burst of recent research aimed at one of science’s most-sought-after holy grails: making the blind see.


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