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Business Excellence = Operational Accountability = Caring and Focused Employees

Do you ever wonder why corporate lunancy exists and what can be done about it? It starts with the people IMHO. This latest post from the Six Discipline Blog I believe focuses on the right things – back to basics for the individual(s), the grunts, the ““business centurions”” Wally Bock praises, that make organizations excel and be a great place work.

BOTTOMLINE: Organizational accountability eliminates the tendency to make excuses and shift blame. When employees make clear and specific commitments for their own work, entire organizations become aligned and achieve specific measurable results.

1. Accountability is a Statement of Personal Promise.
2. Accountability for Results Means Activities Aren’t Enough
3. Accountability for Results Requires Room for Judgment and Decision Making.
4. Accountability is Neither Shared nor Conditional.
5. Accountability for the Organization as a Whole Belongs to Everyone.
6. Accountability is Meaningless Without Consequences.

So how can we take care and develop our people the right way? Lots have been written to be sure on the leadership development front. I like the list from Dan McCarthy who recently posted 30 Challenges That Can Develop Leaders. In particular, I’d like to emphasize his summary from “The Lessons of Experience” book. It’s a new book for me and will definitely be checking it out. In my limited exposure to date, the ones who were worth modeling after and follow had a lot of those kinds of experiences. These folks are the colleagues, teammates, and good bosses to work with and work for.

Are you on-board?

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